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Romaincing Your Husband:
Enjoying a Passionate Life Together
Romancing Your Husband

Romancing Your Husband is a delightful resource!”

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

  A Unique Guide to an Amazing Marriage

God designed marriage to be an extraordinary relationship packed with joy and excitement. Offering fresh takes on love, romance, and yes, even sex, Romancing Your Husband highlights all of God’s teachings on marriage to help you establish a satisfying, lifelong union. You’ll be delighted at how much these Bible-based insights and practical suggestions will help you create sparks and sustain dynamic love as you…

 * become a lover wife instead of a mother wife

 * cultivate a more intimate relationship with God

                                          * discover the delights of healthy, mutual submission

                                          * find freedom in forgiving

                                          * arrange creative encounters

 Bestselling author Debra White Smith provides plenty of encouragement for your marriage adventure but warns: “As you experience the joy and fun of romancing your husband, don’t be surprised when he decides to romance you back!”

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